A simple solution for avoiding the dreaded freshman 15

Published 7:00 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

It’s easy to say that during the beginning of the new year, we are going to practice healthier habits.

But the truth is, those that don’t already practice those habits do not know the proper way to transition into that lifestyle.

The difference between going through a healthy phase and completely changing your daily routine is in the details.

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When I went to college, I overheard all my older friends talk about the “freshman 15,” which basically means all freshman will experience a gain of 15 pounds due to their teenage metabolism slowing down and unhealthy habits creeping into daily lives.

For those getting ready to head to college, there is a way to avoid the freshman 15. It includes more than just going to the gym.

Many young adults are skeptical about letting go of those fast food restaurants in exchange for natural greens because of a lack of flavor. In my eyes, those that say it lacks flavor have never dined on homemade salmon tacos or a southwest chicken salad.

College is a time for innovation and exploration. I can recall taking all my leftovers in the refrigerator, mixing them together to see what was good with what, and what was not so good.

In the end, I found a love for healthy dining that not only tasted good, but made me feel good as well.

A healthy diet will help you focus during the day and sleep at night, which are two vital things to have in college.

The freshman 15 only occurs if you allow it.