Stepping away from the story line

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fellow Star Wars aficionados have definitely heard of the arrival of the new movie in the franchise, Rogue One. Well, along with its arrival comes plenty of skepticism.

When directors try to add to an already flawless franchise, like Star Wars, it never seems to be enjoyed by the masses. However, I warn you, this movie does not look like an ordinary spin-off.

Rogue One is a Star Wars side story about the success of unsung heroes that attempt to overthrow the Empire.

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And, as always, it involves the destruction of the Death Star. Of course we all know the story of Luke Skywalker, the lone Jedi of the galaxy far, far away, swooping down in an X-wing to destroy the Death Star with the help of R2-D2.  However, in Rogue One, they share the story of the group of ordinary people who do extraordinary things to become a part of something greater than themselves by helping Skywalker and the Rebellion take down the Empire, the film’s synopsis states.

It will be interesting to see if the franchise can hold on and continue its longevity of successful films.

After Disney bought out Lucasfilms to produce more Star Wars movies, each of the die-hard fans anxiously awaited the release of the next movie wondering which of our favorite characters might make an appearance. Well this time around, our favorite Star Wars characters will not be making appearances in Rogue One, except Darth Vader.

In my opinion, this can go one of two ways for the new entry in the ongoing saga. Either this movie refreshes the masses with a brand new selection of enticing Star Wars characters, or the lack of iconic villains and heroes dulls the movie and offers little excitement.

I am a believer that this is just the beginning of a popular spin-off series, and as we dive deeper into the side stories of the Star Wars universe, more of our favorite characters may make appearances.