Green is good

Published 7:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2016

After ripping open box after box of presents for Christmas, the next step is cleaning up.

This entails throwing away leftover boxes and recycling or finding new uses for replaced items, such as old cell phones, televisions and more.

However, there are safer and greener ways to dispose of your trash than leaving it on the curb for a trip to the nearest landfill.

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Recycling is a practice that might be complicated for those who have never practiced it.

Things like paper and aluminum cans are simple to recycle and are a common habit for many households with recycling bins, but recyclable items like electronic devices, lamps, light bulbs and others involve a deeper system.

Some claim they are too busy to recycle, while others feel that collecting and processing old materials to make new ones will drive costs up, making it prohibitive.

However, when looking at the bigger picture, reports from the United States Environmental Protection Agency state that recycling can temper the effects that putting such waste in a landfill would have on the environment, which directly impacts all types of life on our planet.

Recycling is a simple task that has a profound affect on our future. Nearly every item imaginable can be recycled or reused, from wood to cellphones. Franchises like Target and Office Depot accept electronics to recycle properly.

Separating the items by what they are made of and bagging them for drop-off at such places is the most earth-friendly practice one can partake in to ensure a safe tomorrow for future generations.

Recycling can prevent pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials, saves energy and conserves natural resources like timber, water and essential minerals.

Going green is much simpler than what many imagine. It just takes the will to make a difference.