Properly handling and disposing a Christmas tree

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 24, 2016

Since there is not a Christmas tree recycling program in Picayune, Eric Morris, Picayune public works director, stressed the importance of properly disposing of or repurposing a Christmas tree after the holidays.
“Before you even consider how you will dispose your tree, always make sure you practice good fire safety,” Morris said.
For Pearl River County residents that live outside the city limits who want to burn the tree, Morris said grass in the area is extremely dry and vulnerable to catching on fire. Burning in the city limits requires a burn permit.
Another tip Morris stressed is to not leave the Christmas tree in the backyard.
“Leaving a dried up tree in your yard can breach many safety hazards,” Morris said. “It’s also an eye-sore for your neighbors.”
For people living within the city limits, Morris said placing the Christmas tree at the curb is the safest way to dispose of a tree.
When disposing of the Christmas tree on the curbside, Morris said people must call 311 or the Public Works Department at 601-799-0602 to schedule a time for the city to pick it up.
The tree needs to be placed at most 10 feet away from the edge of the street, Morris said. People should avoid putting their Christmas tree in drainage ditches, he said, to avoid clogging them. Also, avoid placing the tree on the road.
“The best place to put your Christmas tree is between the ditch and the road, or a couple of feet away from the curb,” Morris said.
Leaving a Christmas tree close to or on the road can cause motor vehicle hazards and accidents.
Instead of disposing of the Christmas tree, Morris recommends reusing the tree for beneficial purposes. One way to recycle the tree is to chop it into firewood, Morris said.
Also, residents with access to a wood chipper can turn the tree into mulch for gardening.

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