Making college affordable and more diverse

Published 4:27 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In recent years, colleges and universities in Mississippi have lowered out-of-state tuition, joining a small, yet growing crop of schools testing new strategies to make higher education more attainable for students. This opens the door of discussion for schools that have yet to do so, like Pearl River Community College.

In early September, the University of Southern Mississippi decreased its out-of-state tuition by approximately 40 percent. This provides low-income students and families an opportunity to receive a college education at a much more affordable price, and also helps diversify the institution. Giving students and families an opportunity to receive a higher education at a more reasonable cost is a win-win for the students and schools. With a college degree, job searches becomes “easier,” but in today’s society, finding a job is still a feat. Many Americans agree that education is necessary to get ahead in life, but not everyone can afford that chance.

According to a Huffington Post poll in 2013, 62 percent said they believe most people are not able to afford the cost of a public college education. Cutting tuition should lower that statistic. Bringing diversity to college or university campuses gives students  real-world experience. Nearly every city and town in the nation is diverse. If a college campus accurately reflected different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, it would provide students with a better idea of what the world is like once they graduate, better preparing them for the workforce, which is what should be a main focus of college.

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