Come together as nation, no matter your vote

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 10, 2016

We live in a nation of freedoms that many other countries will experience.

We might take these freedoms for granted, but on Nov. 11, we all should take the time and ponder what life would be like in the United States without our veterans.

A day is not enough to truly show respect to all the veterans in this wonderful country, but a simple thank you could go a long way.

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More people travel in the months of November and December than any other month in the year because of holidays spent with family.

During your travels, whether in the airport or at a local gas station in a small town, you might come across a man or woman in a military uniform.

If so, approach them and shake their hand for protecting you and making America great.

No matter who you voted for, we must all come together and continue to keep our nation a place where dreams come true and a place where freedom will reign forever.

With a close presidential race, that translates into a strong country with opposing ideas.

However, we cannot fight or bicker with one another. Instead, we must come together and solve the problems our nation might face.

Some concerned citizens are threatening to leave the country because of the result of Tuesday’s election. Running away is not the answer.

It is our time to come together and protect the rights those veterans protected for us.

If you want to truly recognize those veterans, do a good deed for the nation and come together as one.