Sheriff Department Arrest Records collected Oct. 14, 2016

Published 1:08 pm Friday, October 14, 2016

Ramona Michelle Wheat, 39, of 10 Gledhill Way; arrested Sept. 15 for four counts of contempt of court.

Scott Stuart Audler, 51, of 34 Spice Street; arrested Sept. 14 for contempt of court.

James Berry Farmer, 44, 761B Oak Hill Road, Poplarville; arrested Sept. 15 for DUI and tampering with physical evidence.

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Elizabeth Cody, 54, of 102 Merdal Dr.; arrested Sept. 30 for public drunk.

Carl Michael Middlebrook, 30, of 3199 Jackson Landing, Nicholson; arrested Oct. 2 for aggravated domestic violence and controlled substance violations.

Clifford Eugene Marshall, 52, of 3339 North Highway 43; arrested Oct. 3 for willful trespassing, two counts of public drunk, two counts of disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Colton Charles Smith, 24, of 182 Garret and McGill Road, Poplarville; arrested Oct. 4 for DUI, no proof of insurance and possession of alcohol.

Daphne J. Batac, 41, of 142 Hillview Dr., Poplarville; arrested Oct. 4 for six counts of contempt of court.

Donald John Douglas, 37, of 679 Derby Whitesand, Poplarville; arrested Oct. 4 for two counts of contempt of court.

Jonathan Paul Gay, 27, of 1007 Port Drive, Mcomb; arrested Oct. 4 for two counts of contempt of court.

Justin Bradstreet, 38, of 1520 E Henleyfield McNeil Road, Carriere; arrested Oct. 4 for two counts of contempt of court.

Justin Rodney Dodd, 38, 510 E East Boley Road, Carriere; arrested Oct. 6 for failure to comply.

Martha Oliva, 55, of 12144 Sea Davidson Road, Franklinton, LA; arrested Oct. 6 for false reporting of a crime.

Brandon Prescott Gabaldon, 38, of 27 Sunny Acres Road; Carriere; arrested Oct. 7 for simple assault.

Crystal Fish Bagalson, 29, of 27 Sunny Acres Road; arrested Oct. 7 for simple assault.

David Michael Solis, 56, of 5657 Catina St., New Orleans; arrested Oct. 8 for probation violation.

Dorothy Mae Moore, 31, of 106 Berbena Drive; arrested Oct. 9 for holding for another agency.

Caroline Denise McGrath, 46, of 5314 Wendell Ladner Road, Perkinston; arrested Sept. 26 for controlled substance violations.

Pamela Parker, 51, of 6 Parker Road; arrested Oct. 6 for bad checks.

Kevin Brent Martin, 26, of 7012 Chiquapin Ct; arrested Oct. 7 for DUI and intentional obstruction of public streets.

Shannon Andrew Beal, 41, of 52 John Deer Road; arrested Oct. 8 for DUI-second and possession of alcohol.

Kevin James Rouchon, 41, of 58 Bisee Street, Lumberton; arrested Oct. 9 for DUI.

Johnny Walter Sterrett, 43, of 335 Jackson Landing Road; arrested Sept. 27 for DUI-refusal to submit to test, disorderly conduct/failure to comply and failure to stop/leaving the scene.

Michael Edwin Williams, 51, of 111 Jasmine Dr.; arrested Oct. 13 for probation violation.

Michael Barnhardt, 33, of 54 Wilfort Ladner Road; arrested Oct. 2 for stalking and simple domestic violence.