Picayune Police Department Arrest Records 10-06-16

Published 7:00 am Monday, October 10, 2016

Charles Johnson, 24, 32 Whitetail Trail, Picayune, Location of crime 318 Vaughn Street; outstanding warrant held by PRSD. Hold for PRCSO. Arrested on 9/26/16

Brandy Lynn Treadway, 38, 107 Gardenia Street Picayune, Arrested on 09/26/16 for driving while license suspended. Arrested at South Beech Street & Rosa Street.

Melvin Alysious Hakes, 45, 4231 Highway 43 North Picayune. Arrested on 09/29/16 at Palenstine Road and Clark Street for possession of paraphernalia.

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Stephanie Bradley, 28, 53 Countryside Drive Carriere. Arrested on 09/29/16 at highway 43 South near Frontage Road for no headlights, switched tag and DUI.

Derrion Allen Pittman, 28, 1211 Pinewood Drive Picayune. Arrested on 10/05/16 for failure to appear.

Henry Joseph Palmer, 38, 12 Duval Circle Poplarville. Arrested on 10/03/16 at 201 Telly Road Apt. 101 for Distrubing the peace.

Billy Glen Martin, 52, 168 Donald Penton Road Nicholson. Arrested on 09/30/16 at the intersection of Memorial Boulevard and Telly Road for DUI First Offense.

Edward-Garod Wyman Loveless, 26, 51 Doug Holcomb Road Picayune. Arrested on 10/02/16 at 235 Frontage road Picayune for shoplifting.

Gary Ryan, 40, 25114 Pine Crest Drive, Picayune. Arrested on 09/29/16, for outstanding warrant with agency for simple assault domestic violence.

Remco Paul Leidelmeijer, 34, 2 Pea Ridge Lot B, Picayune. Arrested on 09/30/16 for an outstanding warrant held for telephone harassment.

Rocky Simmons, 58, 6880 Highway 11 North Carriere. Arrested on 10/04/16 at Goodyear Boulevard near Magnolia Street for no insurance and DUI.

Blake Martin, 32, 100 Monk Mitchell Road, Picayune. Arrested on 10/05/16 at Carroll Street near highway 11 North for no turn signal, driving while license suspended.

Wallance Junior Bailey, 45, 200 Old Creek Road Picayune. Arrested on 09/21/16 at Memorial Boulevard and South Loftin Avenue for driving while license suspended (DUI), switched tag, possession of paraphernalia, and no seatbelt.

Charles Jordan, 39, 301 South Blanks Avenue Picayune. Arrested on 09/25/16 at 734 Memorial Bld (Fred’s) for outstanding warrant.

James K. Dodd, 58, 1200 Holly street Apartment K, Picayune. Arrested on 09/25/16 at Palenstine Road and Dozier Street for driving while license suspended, failure to obey traffic control device, and NO Insurance.

Dustin Patrick Fambrough, 26, 29292 Waverly Drive, Slidell, LA. Arrested on 09/25/16 at 121 Dozier Street for public drunk.

Gregory Charles Frierson, 55, 600 Cedar Grove Avenue Picayune. Arrested on 09/24/16 at Elm Street and Alpine Road for DUI, refused test, open beer, careless driving and no insurance.

Michael Joseph Cook, 44, 11731 Tantela Ranch Folsom, LA. Arrested on 09/23/16 at 410 Moody Street for violation of protection order and trespassing.

Phillip Cornelius Mitchell, 30, 4309 Scovel Road Apt. 134, Pascagoula. Arrested on 09/27/16 at 781 Memorial Blvd. in Picayune (Dirt Cheap) for petit larceny.

Chris Edward Minton, 58, 404 Peach Street lot 25, Picayune. Arrested on 09/22/16 at 130 Highland Parkway (Highland Hospital) on an outstanding warrant held for failure to appear.

Michael Joseph Cook, 44, 11731 Tantela Ranch Folsom, LA. Arrested on 09/23/16 at 410 Moody Street on outstanding warrants for simple assault domestic violence and telephone harassment.

Michael Joseph Cook, 44, 11731 Tantela Ranch Folsom, LA. Arrested on 09/23/16 at 410 Moody Street on an outstanding warrant held for petit larceny.

Teressa Brumfield Items, 33, 703 D. S. Haugh Picayune. Arrested on 09/28/16 for a warrant for felony false pretense.

JR Steven Raye Stockstill, 43, 8004 Fishhook Lane, Picayune. Arrested on 09/26/16 at 1405 Highway 43 N. for public drunk.