The unsung heroes of Pearl River County

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When we think of heroes, we often think of fictional super heroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

In reality, heroes walk among us everyday in Pearl River County, at times, dressed in shirts and khakis. 

They train and dedicate valuable time to help save lives; those men and women make up the Pearl River County Joint Search and Rescue team.

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Consisting of more than 20 heroes, each brings a unique attribute and skill set. The team combines their powers to help those in frightful situations. 

Danny Manley, emergency operations center director of Pearl River County and a head instructor of PRCSAR, described each valiant volunteer as an important part of the team because they each bring something to the table that can be used to save lives in an effective, yet safe, manner.

They all make sacrifices that sometimes go unnoticed. Each member has a full-time job and families to go home to, but still take time to train once or twice a month.

The search and rescue team is called upon to help find people in Pearl River County that have gone missing. 

Each member of the crew comes to save the day on boats, aircrafts, and specialized equipment and walks multiple miles to aid people in distress or imminent danger on land or water.

The importance of having a team like this is enormously essential and should be recognized and respected for their super hero-like sacrifices.

Night or day, rain or shine, these amazing allies are continuously fine-tuning their skills to become more and more efficient. 

These incredible individuals are specially trained to perform intensive searches, which we as a community should use in order to effectively find those in distress. 

They are here for us and Pearl River County is a safer place because of it.