Sports are ‘a window into the soul’

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At an early age, most kids have trouble with working in teams. When they get out of the kindergarten phase and into junior high, kids experience more independence and sometimes need to understand the significance of teamwork and responsibility. Sports can provide both.

Getting involved with sports is a great venue to explore and learn life-long lessons that extend to more than their purpose in the game. Kids do not have to join sports with the expectation of making it all the way to the professional level. But, what they can learn is how to become a professional outside of athletics.

A few of the many positives that coincide with participation in sports are a better understanding of working as a team, responsibility, discipline, staying active and learning to be resilient.

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Every day is filled with competition, including some of the most life-changing events like getting a job, being accepted into a college and even marrying the love of your life. In some fashion, you will have to compete in order to accomplish what you want. Competition drives athletes to push their limits and see how far they can go mentally and physically. This drive can help when in the workforce. Kids can take the drive they learned from sports and transition it into finding out how far they can push themselves in their career. Sports will teach kids that they will reap the rewards if they put in the hard work. Picayune Memorial High School varsity men’s basketball coach Kelton Thompson once said, “sports are a window into one’s soul.”

I found this fascinating. The way someone approaches the game reflects they type of person they are off the field or court. If you are lazy while playing a sport, that might translate into the real world. This also applies to staying fit. One of the best ways kids can lead healthy lives is to get involved in athletics. Teammates will push you because they want you to be the best you can possibly be. That support goes a long way to staying healthy and happy.