Unlocking the mysteries of infinity and beyond

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Human beings have always dreamed of discovering the secrets of outer space, and as of recently, we have gotten closer to revealing those secrets.

Engines for the Space Launch System are being tested right in our backyard at the Stennis Space Center. This new spacecraft will hopefully allow humans to unlock the mysteries of Mars.

I remember growing up as a kid in the 90’s and pondering what Mars would be like. The aspect of life beyond our planet has always caught my attention, mainly because of the early influence of Saturday cartoons, like “The Magic School Bus,” and their twists of outer space and the perceptions of Mars.

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When thinking about space, the first thing that comes to mind for me is Mars. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said Mars is the most important planet in our solar system besides Earth. Though I am not versed in astronomy, I do agree that Mars is an important endeavor for the human race solely because of the curiosity it promotes.

A rover has been on Mars for a little over three years now. Bolden said it is still making new discoveries every day, like flows of water that could prove the presence of life on Mars. Although the presence of life would most likely be in the form of microbes and not aliens many imagined as children, the discoveries are still breathtaking.

Also, the progression of the SLS many is making the possibility of humans travelling to Mars even more plausible, which would mark the furthest human excursion from Earth in our history.

Besides Mars, there are more interesting discoveries that have yet to be found in our solar system. As of July 4, the solar-powered satellite Juno officially entered Jupiter’s orbit after five long years of travelling. This is going to unveil the many secrets of the biggest planet in our solar system.

This is an exciting time for those intrigued about space. What I want to know is, like most people, are there other life forms in our solar system besides us, or are we all alone? I have always pondered this notion, but it will be a frightening discovery either way.