Practice safety techniques when grilling

Published 7:00 am Friday, July 1, 2016

With the holiday weekend coming up there will be a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.
One of those activities includes grilling your favorite dish. Whether it’s burgers, steaks, fish or vegetables, everything tastes better right of the grill.
But there are some aspects of cooking over an open flame that could make it a hazardous practice, the first of which is that it involves a fire.
The possibility of being burned, setting the house or something else on fire and pets and children playing nearby all pose safety risks.
When grilling, it’s best to do so away from where children and pets will be playing. To prevent the hot coals or ignited gas from causing a fire, be sure to use the grill far away from the home or other items that may catch fire.
If you are using coal as a fuel source, never use gasoline to light them. Only use charcoal fluid, which is not as combustible as gasoline. Also, keep charcoal fluid out of reach of children. Just because it is not as combustible as gasoline, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
When using propane as a fuel source, leave the lid open before attempting to light the grill. If too much gas builds up inside the grill, the high concentration of gas can explode. Before using your gas grill, check all lines for cracks and leaks, especially when using a grill for the first time each season. Temperature changes can cause the lines to crack in between cold and hot seasons. To easily check the hoses put some soapy water on them and look for bubbles. If bubbles appear, have the hose changed before use.
No matter what type of grill you are using, be sure to only use them outside. Both versions create gases that build up in confined spaces, which are hazardous when inhaled.
And most of all, have fun this holiday weekend.

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