Make the most of donations locally

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost every month is dedicated to raising awareness for a particular disease.
Along with informing the public about these rare illnesses and the people who battle them, many groups raise funds for their favorite national non-profit.
These people donate out of the goodness of their heart to honor their family members hoping their funds will go toward research for a cure.
I believe that all of their intentions are great. Being diagnosed with an incurable disease is frightening and finding a cure should be our top priority.
However, the conspiracy theorist in me would rather see a tangible result from the funds donated to a particular group.
Once that check is signed and sent off to a national group, we have no idea how our funds were used. Were they used inappropriately? Did they fund a corporate executive’s new beach home? Were they used for research purposes? These are questions I ask myself.
In January, according to national media outlets, the Wounded Warrior Project’s business practices were scrutinized and it was reported that they only spend about 60 percent of donations to veterans.
I would rather see the donations go directly toward local people. The thought of scientists and doctors discovering a cure for all diseases is at the top of my wish list. As Darlene Adams stated in today’s lifestyle story, “We all have a cancer story.”
My point is, for whatever reason, a cure is probably further down the road than we would like, which is why I’m so heartened by Adams’ efforts to raise money for Hope Lodge in Mississippi.
This will provide relief for cancer patients and their families and it’s comforting to know that the money raised is going towards a great cause.
The completion of this lodge will be a physical reminder of the good in people’s hearts and their willingness to donate what they can for the betterment of others.
Many people and their families battling diseases need immediate action and help. This Care Lodge will provide that while the search for a cure continues.

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