Guidry youngest golfer to win Championship Flight

Published 7:00 am Friday, July 8, 2016

Cameron Guidry, 13, has won over 100 tournaments and ranks 76th in the country for his graduating class of 2021.

Cameron Guidry, 13, has won over 100 tournaments and ranks 76th in the country for his graduating class of 2021.

At the age of 13, Cameron Guidry continues to shock golf enthusiasts with his raw talent and above average golfing skills for a kid his age. This past Sunday, Guidry continued to shine when he won the Championship Flight Tournament at Millbrook Country Club, making him the youngest champion and “best golfer” at the club, said a spectator at the tournament, Allen Brunson.

“It felt great winning the championship. It was a battle. I had to fight and if I ever gave up, I wouldn’t have ended on top,” said Guidry.

The Championship Flight is a three-day tournament event for golfers at Millbrook Country Club to compete for the title of best golfer in the club. Guidry won a personalized golf bag that will include his name and the year he won, said Guidry.

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Guidry shot only six over par during the 54-hole event, tallying the scores 74, 75 and 73.

“Cameron’s performance was quite impressive. When you are a 13-year-old playing against golfers that are in their 20’s and 40’s, usually the stress gets to you. However, Cameron showed no fear. He displayed lots of confidence in his abilities and went about his business through the end,” said Brunson.

Throughout the event, the golfers teed off from the farthest tees, putting Guidry at a disadvantage.

“I knew I couldn’t drive the ball as far as the other golfers so instead of worrying about that, I tried to be more accurate, which seemed to work out,” said Guidry.

Guidry is not a stranger to the outter tees, saying he’s played from them plenty of times before going into the Championship Flight.

Guidry said he was up by one shot going into the last hole, two-putting it and making it to a playoff round against opponent, Ryan Mitchell.

During the playoff round, Guidry displayed mental strength and determination to land in the fairway, something Mitchell did not do, said Brunson.

Guidry then stroked a chip shot that hit the pin and landed only a couple feet away from the hole, Guidry said.

“When I chipped it and hit the pin, everyone shouted and started clapping. It was a great feeling and was an exciting moment for me,” said Guidry.

Although the Championship Flight victory does not go toward Guidry’s overall rank, he said it was still an important win.

“Winning this title is great. If I can beat the older kids and adults that are really good at this club, then I feel like I can compete against anyone,” said Guidry.

Guidry said what he took a lot away from the experience.  “No matter what anyone else does, I have to finish to the end. I can only control what I do and it’s never over until the last hole.”

Golfing on a competitive level entails travel, so sometimes it can be very expensive, said Cameron Guidry’s father, Corey Guidry. To help with travel expenses, the family has created a Go Fund Me account at The family also accepts donations through the mail to their address at 1815 Adcox Rd., Picayune, MS, 39466.