Meals are not just for eating

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Remember when homemade food was the go-to for most families?

There might be different traditions throughout the country, but in the South, food is taken very seriously.

Eating isn’t just a necessity to keep us alive, it’s an event. It is a safe haven for people to gather with family and friends to laugh and talk about life.

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Things like this are becoming scarce in other parts of the country, which hopefully is not a trend that will encompass the this area.

Fast food restaurants are slowly taking over the food market. More times than not, people now prefer to go get their quick and tasty meals from fast food places because of the simple convenience, but that food won’t be made with the special ingredient grandma always puts in her homemade cooking, love.

The tradition of gathering around a table, shutting off all access to the outside world and focusing on the people around you is something that should never get lost in time. It’s a critical part of human interaction.

It’s not only healthier to cook your own food, but it is also healthier to eat and laugh with close family and friends. That added component to mental health is just as important as the physical benefits of eating right.

Now if you try to have a family meal around the dinner table, it seems unusual, and the kids will most likely be using their phones or tablets for half of the time. Dining tables are now mainly used as a desk to pay bills or a place to store things you don’t want the dog to chew up, but not for its intended purpose, keeping the family together.

Family meals are underplayed today’s society. They are a great basis for positive childhood memories and life lessons that some kids now-a-days do not experience.

With July 4th coming up, make sure to eat some good food with the ones you love and share memories that can never be forgotten or replaced.