Lessons learned from my dad

Published 7:00 am Friday, June 17, 2016

My dad and I have always had a great relationship, which I think really began when I attempted to shoplift at the age of 5.
We were shopping at the former Jitney Jungle in Bay St. Louis and I really wanted a candy bar.
My mom and dad’s parenting skills never entailed giving me everything I want.
So, I decided to unwrap the candy bar and eat some of it while we waited to check out and pay for our groceries.
My five-year-old brain thought I was being sneaky, but unbeknownst to me, my dad witnessed the entire incident.
Once I had my fill, I wrapped the candy bar and placed it back on the display.
My dad didn’t say anything to me until we walked outside, where there just happened to be a police officer.
My dad told me that he (my dad) had seen what I had done and, if I did something like that again, I would be in trouble for breaking the law.
After our talk, we walked back inside and paid for the candy bar.
Even though I was only 5, the memory of that day is as clear as if it happened last week.
I think that’s when I realized I had so much to learn from my dad and that he would love me unconditionally.
I never attempted to shoplift again because my dad warned me of the consequences.
He taught me to respect this country’s laws and our law enforcement officers.
Since that day, I’ve made countless mistakes, gotten into many an argument with my dad and am sure to have disappointed him a few times.
But, no matter what, he is still my biggest cheerleader and the man I talk to first when I need advice.
He has stood by my side when no one else would and I plan to be there for him no matter what.
Happy Father’s Day to all fathers in Pearl River County, I hope you enjoy this special day with the ones you love and inspire your children, just like my father has inspired me.

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