Home is where the heart is

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I’ve lived in South Mississippi for pretty much my entire life, minus the four years attending college in Oxford and a couple of wintry months in Loveland, Colorado.
I’ve often thought about discovering new places, but they say “home is where heart is,” and mine is here in South Mississippi.
However, that has never stopped me from dreaming of visiting far away places, exploring ancient structures and meeting a variety of people from around the world.
Since my Coast Guard enlisted brother-in-law is stationed at a new place every three years, I get the opportunity to visit new places to visit my sister and nephew.
In two weeks, they move to Alaska and hopefully, I will be able to visit them.
Friday, I sat down with Fr. Jonathan Filkins and heard about his wonderful pilgrimage, the Camino De Santiago.
While I was listening, I couldn’t help but feel a desire to complete a similar journey of my own.
Sometimes I have been guilty of letting the events in the world or my personal life weigh me down to the point I forget to rely on my highest spiritual advisor.
However, what I do know, is that God will always be there to listen, once we clear away the cobwebs and open ourselves up to his advice and guidance.
Listening to Fr. Filkins tell his story was like a breath of fresh air. You could visibly see the clarity he experienced. However, he said there’s more to learn, as he is only beginning to realize the full effects of his pilgrimage.
While I would certainly enjoy the majestic scenery and laughing at my own mishaps while learning a foreign language, I do believe I would enjoy testing my physical and emotional strengths in a powerful way.
Maybe one day I can take a pilgrimage of my own, make some new friends in a distant land and experience my own spiritual expansion.

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