County parks, lets keep them up

Published 7:00 am Friday, June 3, 2016

As some of you may be aware, work is ongoing at a new park near the West Hobolochitto Creek on Liberty Road.
Creeks are popular destinations for local residents, especially during the summer.
While the water may not be deep, it’s a great place to find a shady spot on a sand bar and just relax and visit with friends.
Some local residents also find great fishing spots along the creek.
So, it’s good news that the county is investing money and hard work into the construction of this new public park.
Some people may not know this, but most of the property that surrounds the creeks is privately owned. And while all creeks and rivers are public property, land is required to access the water in the first place.
By having a public place to go and relax, landowners will have less unintentional trespassing on their lands, and the public will have legal access to these natural resources.
This project will be a great addition to the amenities our government officials have worked to construct.
We hope that our local residents will recognize this fact, and instead of defacing it with graffiti and vandalizing the picnic tables and barbecue pits currently being installed, they will protect and respect it.
But if the destruction to the pavilion and other structures at the Walkiah Bluff Water Park are any indication, it’s likely those with ill will on their minds could ruin this new park with malicious mischief.
But, they should know that the county is making plans to avert this criminal behavior. County supervisors are already working on ways to keep ATVs from tearing up the park and capture vandals in the act so they can be prosecuted for any destructive behavior.

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