Communication between agencies is key

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 4, 2016

Communication is an essential part of what we do each day, regardless of profession or mundane task.
By coordinating efforts and sharing information with other people, things get done more efficiently and effectively.
During previous county and city administrations from several terms ago, that communication was not substantial. But now members of the Board of Supervisors and Picayune’s City Council work together for the betterment of the county as a whole.
But, apparently, there was an unintentional breakdown of communication recently with the rate increase at the Central Landfill in Millard.
It’s being said that the rate increase was necessary to ensure the landfill remained open. In Waste Management’s written statement, it was alluded that the landfill could have closed had the change not been approved.
So what would have happened at that point?
Since the Board of Supervisors is tasked with providing some place for its residents to put their waste, several options could have been posed, but none of them would have been easy.
One could have been that the landfill could have been bought by another company. However, that option is dependent on several factors, most of which was finding a company willing to buy it.
The most likely option would have been for the county to find somewhere else to send that waste. Since it would have to be transported further, rates for everyone would have surely gone up anyway.
So, even though rates would have increased one way or another, it still would have been a good idea for representatives of the county to have been in touch with the city officials. Who knows, maybe the city could have helped the county negotiate for a better rate?
Considering that this seems to be an isolated incident, it can be assumed that the lines of communication will reopen between the two entities. That is our hope.

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