Being dissed

Published 7:00 am Thursday, June 2, 2016

Have you ever been “dissed?”
The urban dictionary defines the action as showing someone disrespect or the act of putting someone down via words.
When I was in high school, this was the word we used when we were bullied.
Growing up, I was “dissed” often by my peers. But it has made me stronger and, while old wounds still ache, I don’t regret the experiences nor do I dislike them for their immature actions.
I pray they have grown up since.
Now that I’m an adult, I’ve discovered three more ways people can be “dissed,” –– discouraged, disheartened and distracted.
When I’m feeling any of the above, I tend to complete an Internet search looking for blogs written by people who feel the same way.
It’s comforting to know they are out there. I found Coach Felicia, who writes for The prefix “dis” is a negative indicator of the word that follows it, she said in her article.
Discouraged would mean lacking the courage to face difficulties or challenges, she said. Having been unemployed twice in my life, through no fault of my own, it’s hard to find the courage to hope for success in any caree.
Coach Felicia defines disheartened as the act of losing connections with our passions. One of my passions is, of course, writing. Some days, when I’m having a bad day, it’s difficult to find the proper words to convey the appropriate message.
Finally there’s distracted, which the author defines as being put off one’s path and function. I’m easily distracted. I can start working on one project and then find another to work on at the same time.
“It’s important to address these dream killers because if we don’t, we will quit on ourselves,” Coach Felicia said in the article.
I’m not ready to quit on myself, but I hope to continue working on the proper responses to the “disses.”
“When our emotions are in a state of ‘dis’ or lack, we must take actions that redirect us to abundance,” she said. “Abundance is simply an awareness of what we already have.”

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