We are being colonized

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Many thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants have been allowed into the country since Sept. 11, 2001.
Prior to that, Islamists from various Middle Eastern areas and parts of Africa have been coming to the United States in greater numbers over the past 50 years. For the most part, these immigrants fail to assimilate into our society nor learn the language and play by our laws as earlier immigrants have done in the past. Sure, a great majority are benign in their beliefs and wish to better their lot in life by moving here, but even the good ones have failed to stand up and take a stand against the terrorists here and worldwide. Some of them, while not terrorists themselves, have and are making contributions to the terrorist organizations. ISIS being the last iteration of the many faceted organization under which the jihadists are operating at present, all affiliated more or less. The FBI admitted having ongoing investigations of suspected terrorist cells in every state.
Our noble leadership in Washington DC is attempting to open our borders even wider to allow another one hundred thousand or so more to come. The President referred to them as helpless women and children, when in fact over 75 percent of them are military age males.
They can’t speak the language and have no skills and have no means of supporting themselves. This will only add to the already over bloated welfare system and tighten an already over-sourced low-end job market. The Democrats who are pushing this see it as just another opportunity to buy votes on the backs of taxpayers. Just a continuation of our southern border policy. In other words, “politics before country!” As a result of Obama’s failed fiscal policies, we have some 94 million workers either under-employed or unemployed and have stopped looking for work. Existing by drawing unemployment, Social Security, disability, food stamps, rent subsidy, Obama care subsidy; the list goes on. With the above picture, what are we going to do with a few hundred thousand more? The federal budget has stayed the same or increased while cutting the defense budget to the bone. Notice the domestic welfare programs have been increased. We are either printing or borrowing the difference between tax income and spending. The borrowing or printing represents about 40 percent of total spending. This may be endurable for a short period at a time while interest rates are at a record low. What happens when interest rates increase even just one percent?
The Federal Bank is threatening to do just that. Once interest rates move off dead center where they have been artificially held for the past several years, there is no way of knowing how high they will go. It is fair to say that we will not be able to afford to pay the higher interest and still remain viable. We think defense budgets are hurting now, but think of what the defense budget will be reduced to when that happens.
See part two of this column in next Wednesday’s Item.
Yes we are being colonized at the expense and detriment of the taxpayers and with the assistance of the Democrat Party led by Obama. Let your elected officials know how you feel about this. Advise them you expect them to place country before politics.

By Paul Ingram

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