Volunteering for county and country

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Navy produces great individuals who volunteer their time to help their local communities.
In Picayune, the Naval Oceanography Mine Warfare Center decided to help out the Crosby Arboretum with trail and plant maintenance.
It has been said that the little things are what matters most in life, and just from seeing these enlisted personnel with the Navy working with smiles on their faces, it proves the old adage to be true.
Jahel Carter, aerographer’s mate third class, and the rest of the volunteers are role models representing not only the Navy, but also their community.
“We love giving back to the communities that have helped us out in the past. It is our honor to give back,” said Carter.
These outstanding individuals not only conduct volunteer work for the Arboretum. Some are volunteer firefighters, and some volunteer year-round, always being on call, according to AG1 and volunteer firefighter Jeremy Langley.
The volunteers that they don’t just serve and protect our great nation, but also help to make it a better and friendlier place.
Langley mentioned that after he was done helping the Arboretum, he planed to help a local fire department with testing fire hydrants, which can save the department over $40,000.
They have fun doing whatever it is they are asked to do, all of which is evident if you join them.
If visitors walked around the arboretum on Friday during their volunteer work, they would have seen nothing but joy out of these individuals. It is commendable that the volunteers truly enjoy helping, whether it is on a county scale, or country.

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