The pursuit of greatness

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cameron Guidry warms-up on the driving range before another beautiful round of golf at the Millbrook Country Club

Cameron Guidry warms-up on the driving range before another beautiful round of golf at the Millbrook Country Club

It’s not every day that people run into an eighth grade athlete competing against high school players.

Golfer Cameron Guidry attends Picayune Junior High School, but competes in high school tournaments, finishing above most of his competitors.

“The thing that sets me apart from others my age is my practice. I am on the course six to seven days a week,” said Guidry.

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His father, Corey Guidry, said sometimes he wishes it would rain so his son can take the day off, but his determination and love for the game would probably take him to the courses regardless.

Cameron Guidry’s passion for the game started when he was just a year old.

“What started everything was watching my brothers play. I never wanted to be like them exactly, because I wanted to beat them,” said Cameron Guidry.

The 13-year-old has his eyes set on a certain goal, one that consists of a lot of work, but it’s something Cameron Guidry and many more believe can happen, says Corey Guidry.

“The goal is to play division one golf at LSU. After that, I would definitely want to go pro,” said Cameron Guidry.

Cameron Guidry has played competitively since he was 4-years-old, winning over 100 tournaments and ranking 76th in the country for his graduating class of 2021.

Besides travelling, Cameron Guidry’s favorite part of golf is “putting the cheese” on a 40-yard wedge, which means putting spin on the ball to get it closer to the flag. One advantage Cameron Guidry claims is his ability to hit the driver.

“He can hit pretty straight with his driver. His furthest shot was 278 yards, which could out-drive a large majority of players his age,” said Corey Guidry.

“Some kids get to play on nicer courses than I do. They putt on really nice greens and I putt on decent ones. I think that is the only disadvantage I have, really,” said Cameron Guidry.

Corey Guidry said that people have been helping Cameron with travel and other expenses associated with the sport since he was five.

“[Millbrook Country Club] had a golf tournament for him when he was five and he raised $4,500 for him to go to Pinehurst to compete at a national level. Golf is a hard sport to get noticed by colleges unless you go to all the top tournaments in the country so we need all the help we can get to make sure he gets the recognition he rightfully deserves,” said Corey Guidry.

To help fund Cameron, Corey Guidry set up a Go Fund Me at He also said that they accept donations through the mail to their address at 1815 Adcox Rd., Picayune, MS, 39466.

Next weekend, Cameron Guidry will be participating in the Future Tour Championship in Greenville, MS, which is a tournament he has previously won.