Pearl River Central playoff efforts had promise

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Coming from a losing program and making it far into the playoffs is a feat most teams view as impossible, but Pearl River Central defied the odds, making it to the South State Championship.

Before going on a six year stretch of making the playoffs for baseball, the team comes from a program that has only made the playoffs three times total said Coach Neil Walther.

With an overall record of 23-11, Walther and the team really stepped up this season, showing the class and magnitude of the program.

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In a recent interview, Walther said it’s good players that make a good team, not good coaches. Agreeing with this statement is easy, but actually seeing it play out is another thing, and the Blue Devils showed their talents in the playoffs this year.

First impressions are everything, and being new to the area, I was not sure of what to expect. However, senior starting pitcher, Cody Miller, really shined in the playoffs as well as seniors Nick Newman and Wesley Mitchell.

Miller threw an incredible game in their final matchup against West Jones with an 1.00 ERA, striking out four batters and allowing only three hits.

After the game, Miller made a comment that really stuck out to me, and made me watch the following games even closer. His comment was that he thought he had the best defense in the state. Outlandish? Maybe, but the defense the Blue Devils showed in the playoffs was exceptional, averaging 1.6 runs per game.

Newman did well at the plate when his team needed a boost and Mitchell played great defense.

Hearing from Walther how far this team has come to reach the South State Championship, it gives excitement for the following season and the potential this team has.