Coverage of shooting involving an officer

Published 7:00 am Thursday, May 26, 2016

From time to time we have to cover a story that receives a lot of attention from the general public.
It’s sad to say, but these stories sometimes involve some sort of violent crime.
The human race has always had violent tendencies, which is evident from a quick read of any history book. As such, people are drawn to stories of violent acts.
So it’s not surprising that the story we are running on the front of today’s paper has already received a lot of attention on our social media page. But what is concerning is the content of the some of the comments lodged by a very vocal public.
Fortunately, we see a lot of comments supporting our local law enforcement. Unfortunately, there are comments with an opposite opinion.
While the entire story has yet to be released, one thing is known, an officer shot another man during a traffic stop that occurred at a local convenience store.
We have been informed that the incident was a case of self-defense. For those of you intent on breaking the law, police officers are trained to handle a firearm, and most of all protect themselves.
If any person in this country decides to shoot at a law enforcement officer, that person should expect gunfire to be returned.
The point is to respect law enforcement if you are pulled over. In the event you are arrested, it’s better to go to jail and bond out and have your day in court than to enter into a situation where the outcome could be fatal.
What we ultimately hope is everyone will continue to support our local men and women in blue. Take a step back, and don’t let the rumors and misconceptions of this story affect how we view those who protect and serve.

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