Cherishing mom

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 6, 2016

Every week, I interview people for the Item’s Question of the Week, which can be found on page three of Saturday’s paper.
Since Sunday is Mother’s Day, I decided to ask people about their mothers.
Before I began my quest, I realized I might run into people whose mothers have passed. I spoke with one man who has lost both of his parents. With tears in his eyes, he told me he would give anything to speak with them again.
Sometimes, when I hear things like that, it’s like having a bucket of cold reality thrown in my face.
Even though I know death is inevitable for all of us, I don’t like imagining a world without my parents.
Every morning before work, I talk to my mom. We chat about our plans for the day, make plans for the weekend or she listens as I rant about one of my first-world problems.
Actually, since my nephew’s birth, we mostly discuss how cute he is, what new things he’s learned and how often he ignores us during face time when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on television. Our phone conversations and mother-daughter trips are something I don’t take for granted. We might not always agree on everything, but I know she is always going to be my biggest supporter and I hers.
She was a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. When we started school, she participated in as many field trips as possible. She baked sweet treats for our teachers each year and encouraged my sister and I to read during the summers. She began working when we started college and was a beloved librarian in Hancock County for many years. I’m proud of my mom. She married my dad more than 34 years ago and moved from her home in Kentucky to the vastly different town of Bay St. Louis. She adapted, but kept some of that small-town charm, unique to Princeton, Kentucky.
She raised her daughters with the same values instilled in her by her equally wonderful mother and I’m grateful every day that God chose her to be my mother.
I’ll finish by wishing all you mothers, biological or otherwise, a Happy Mother’s Day.

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