Breaking up with the Queen

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vibrant, energetic, and exciting are just a few words I use to describe my long lost love, named Charlotte, the Queen City. Break-ups are rough, but sometimes a necessity to become a better version of yourself.
I spent five long years with the Queen, enjoying every second of her charismatic personality. She gave me everything a man could ask for, except one thing, financial stability.
Sure, there are other reasons why we had to part ways, like my love for consistency versus her love for change. Throughout our time together we always saw eye-to-eye, and she gave me the most wonderful moments of my life, some I will never forget.
It’s because of the Queen that I have an opportunity to do what I love to do, cover sports, and it’s because of the Queen that I have bonded with so many life-long friends.
She taught me how to dance, sing, and love; she even gave me hope for the future.
She treated me better than I expected when I first met her, but after one random night, she introduced me to, what is now, my true love, sports.
Breaking up with the Queen meant breaking up with all of the other life-long relationships I made, something I did not think I would ever have to do, but when you find true love, you must follow it.
Sports wasn’t exactly looking for me, but I was looking for something in the hope it could solve my financial stability problems along with keeping me happy.
I looked all over the globe, from California, to Rome, to even Hong Kong, and found nothing.
It was as if she was just in my imagination, teasing my every thought that I could one day be happy, until one sunny day in April.
I was sitting on my couch, looking for possible towns and cities where sports might be hiding. If only it knew how dedicated and passionate I was, maybe it would show its face, and finally it did.
I found my love, sports, and it was in Picayune, MS, as beautiful as I had dreamed.
Still with the Queen, I had thoughts of just getting up, packing my bags and leaving everything we had shared.
I packed up my things to head to my new adventure with sports in Picayune.
I had never been to the small town, but hearing what it had to offer, and the financial stability I could have there, I experienced no hesitation as I walked away from the Queen.
I have been in Picayune for three weeks now, and couldn’t possibly be happier. Though I had a great relationship with the Queen, where I learned everything I know, I am assured that we will always be in touch.
I will never forget you Queen, and you will always have a little piece of my heart, but I have fallen in love with someone else named sports, in the town of Picayune.

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