My favorite superheroes

Published 7:00 am Friday, April 29, 2016

I’m willing to bet we all have at least one favorite superhero character.
Mine is, and will always be, Batman. In 1966, Adam West portrayed the famed comic book hero in a television series. I’ll admit it was a bit corny, but it’s one of my favorites and next to Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, Cesar Romero played the part of The Joker perfectly.
I do like some of the X-Men characters such as Wolverine, Magneto and Rogue. When it comes to Ironman, I’m not sure if I like the character or Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the character in the movies more.
I don’t read comic books, but I will research a character’s backstory when I watch a movie. I recently started watching Daredevil on Netflix and so far I’m not a huge fan, but will continue to watch and give it a fair chance.
But there are real life superheroes that perform acts of bravery every day.
When I think of heroes, I think of police officers, firefighters and EMTs.
Here in Pearl River County, there are various civic organizations comprised of volunteers who raise funds for people in need. They can also be classified as heroes.
On a personal level, my parents were my first superheroes. Even though I don’t have children of my own, I know that raising children to become productive adults is not an easy task. And during my teenage years, I rebelled a bit, as most teenagers often do. In light of that fact, all parents of teenagers are superheroes.
Speaking of parents, there are many families here in this county with family members who were diagnosed with rare and incurable diseases. I’m not sure how I would handle knowing that my child wouldn’t live past a certain age. But they handle it in true superhero fashion, making the best of each and every moment.
It’s fun to read about and watch our favorite superheroes take down bad guys on television, but each day, there are superheroes in our community helping people live a better life.

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