A media bonanza

Published 7:00 am Friday, April 8, 2016

National TV both network and cable have created a bonanza for themselves in promoting and managing our perpetual election cycles.
I say bonanza because the billions of dollars spent on political ads national wide is beyond belief.
It has become even more cost intensive since the approval of the super PACS by the Supreme Court.
Major TV networks and cable stations benefit two ways.
First, they profit tremendously from the revenue brought in by the ads.
Second, they have learned that they can control the outcome of the elections in many cases by directly and sublimely asserting their own bias.
This bias is apparent to anyone who watches with a discerning eye and ear to how the news is reported.
Debates are a large part of this, where media are managing the debate and asking the questions.
Important national issues are ignored as the mediators ask questions to create and encourage infighting among the candidates. While this is good for increasing viewer interest, it does nothing to increase the viewers understanding of the issues or the individual candidate’s proposals for solutions.
Watching the past few debates, I was embarrassed by the open squabbles and name calling encouraged by the media and seen by millions around the world.
I believe this manifested anger reflects the anger that has been lying dormant but building in the electorate for several years.
Both parties have created and developed a ruling class of politicians currently serving terms in office or recently out of office.
Those who are by chance voted out seek and receive other governmental or related positions as in lobbyists, consultants or such, using influence gained while in office to influence Congress.
Such long term continued good old boy practices has generated a groundswell of resentment among the enlightened electorate which neither party establishments seem to understand.
The media has it figured out and uses it to their advantage both in slanted reporting and in building their viewer numbers. The media has the best of both worlds in their opinion while encouraging the trashing of the Constitution.
In addition to huge profits they are able to influence the outcome of the elections. It appears to me that the media is in bed with the Washington establishment, both politically and bureaucratically. Thus the average bear on the street is out of the loop.

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