A pebble in my shoe

Published 7:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2016

In my humble opinion, Anjelica Huston is a phenomenal actress. During her performance as the wicked stepmother in the film Ever After, a movie loosely based on the Cinderella fairy tale, she speaks a line that has always resonated with me, “How can anyone love a pebble in their shoe?”
She says this to Drew Barrymore’s character, Danielle, right before she double crosses her. I won’t give away too many spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie.
I was reminded of that quote after my interview with Fr. Jonathan Filkins about his upcoming pilgrimage.
During his journey, he will be carrying pebbles with him, which represents a person’s burdens. He will leave them beneath the cross at Cruz de Ferro, a symbolic representation of unburdening.
While we were speaking, as often happens, we discussed many things, one of those being Hurricane Katrina.
During our talk, I realized I am carrying my own pebbles that often hurt hypothetically stepped upon.
Of course, there have been moments in my life other than surviving Hurricane Katrina when a pebble formed.
Deaths of loved ones, betrayals committed by family and friends, loss of employment and dealing with people who challenge your abilities and morality to the very core of your being.
I think pebbles also form when we wrong or hurt others. They may have forgiven you, but you won’t forget the pain you caused.
At what point do we let go our burdens?
I’m thinking about sending a pebble or two with Fr. Filkins, but I wonder if I’m ready to really let some of my burdens go.
I think I will be better for it if I let some of them go.
However, one thing Fr. Filkins told me changed my mind.
I always viewed the nightmares and tragedies resulting from Hurricane Katrina as a burden.
It still can be.
But Fr. Filkins reminded me that I’m a survivor, which leads me to believe that I can survive letting go of a burden or two.

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