Students taking ownership of their education

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2016

Providing children with the education they need to succeed in life is a passion our local school systems embrace with enthusiasm.
Outside of proper nutrition, a loving family and plenty of exercise, an education is essential to growing minds.
In that regard schools set goals that they want their students to reach. Each district and school has a unique method to achieve their goals, such as South Side Upper Elementary’s data wall.
It’s essentially a more detailed variation of the information each class displays in the hallway, but is strictly used by the faculty. It works by tracking each student’s progress, and thereby helping teachers identify areas a certain student may need some extra help with.
Where the system shines is by providing information to each student about their progress. Most schools in the nation just provide a report card, and then send the children on their way.
While report cards will give a student a general idea of which subjects they need to improve upon, providing students with more information and even a method and incentive to improve is more effective.
When students know where they stand academically and how they can continue to improve, they will be more likely to work to those goals.
As the Item toured the school’s data room it was impressive to see that not only were most students reading in their current grade level, but there were several students reading one, two or even three grade levels above their current grade.
While not every student will be able to read several levels above their current grade, this system will entice the students to put forth their best effort.
Our youth is the future. By providing them with the best education possible, Mississippi and the entire country is ensuring America’s children will have the best possible careers in their adult life.

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