Rising once again from the floodwaters

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Once again, we are thankful our fellow Pearl River County residents survived this recent severe weather.
However, about 75 homes flooded during the deluge. Once the water recedes, homeowners are tasked with surveying the damage to their property.
Prior to beginning any home repairs, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency’s website advises those affected to find out if their home or business is located within a Special Flood Hazard area or is in a flood zone that begins with the letter ‘A, or V.’ If so they must have a permit before beginning certain repairs or reconstruction work.
According to MEMA, homeowners must have a permit to remove, alter or replace the following: Roof, walls, siding, plaster, cabinets, flooring, electrical system, plumbing and heating and air conditioning units.
As the Item reported, the Pearl River County EOC is urging residents whose homes sustained damage to contact the Building and Permits office in Picayune at 601-749-7732 or 601-749-7731 and in Poplarville at 601-403-2205.
However, homeowners do not need a permit to clean or temporarily repair damaged furniture and personal items, holes in roofs, walls and windows or to remove sagging ceilings (not plaster), shoring up broken foundations and other temporary repairs needed to make the building safe to enter.
While there are many hassles involved with repairing and repurchasing necessities, the important thing is that no one was injured or killed during Mother Nature’s fury.
We would like to thank our emergency responders for their quick response and constant vigilance over the residents of Pearl River County.
We pray our neighbors whose homes were damaged are able to make repairs swiftly and efficiently.

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