Practice safety: Pay attention in work zones

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On April 4, repair work will begin on a bridge on George Ford Road.
According to Item coverage, residents living past the intersection of Burgetown Road will have to utilize a detour during the two-month work period.
For the safety of construction workers and other motorists, we urge everyone to pay attention to signage posted in the work area.
The Mississippi Department of Transportation recommends the following safety tips for driving in work zones:
• Stay alert.
• Slow down.
• Don’t tailgate.
• Expect delays.
• Obey road crew flaggers.
While the work being done is not on a busy highway, these tips are still relevant.
For affected residents, it’s important to start planning an alternate route and allow extra time in the mornings to drive to school and work. Although two months may seem like a long time, the end result will be a better-rated and safer bridge.
Currently, the bridge has a rating of 34.7 and was built in 1965, previous Item coverage states. The wood piling bridge will be replaced with a concrete one capable of supporting up to 80,000 pounds. The current bridge can only hold about 10,000 pounds. About 1,000 feet of the road will also be improved, County Engineer Les Dungan said in previous coverage.
We want to thank Dungan for thoroughly inspecting the county’s infrastructures in a timely manner and seeking state aid funds to pay for the repairs. Our county’s roads and bridges are important on an economic and safety level. Without them, residents would be unable to travel to work, school or leisure activities. Companies would be unable to transport goods if our county’s roads and bridges were to fail.
Please be mindful that construction begins soon and, as always, be an alert and safe driver, no matter where you are headed.

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