Make music: Join the community band

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 11, 2016

Music. For the most part, everyone listens to it. Certainly the genres vary, but nearly every American uses some sort of device in their day-to-day life to listen to their favorite band or artist.
While most people listen to music, not quite as many have learned how to play a musical instrument. The desire to learn to play music is not universal, but for those who have that drive the positive effects on the brain are substantial.
Some of these people had their first experience playing music while in a school band. While, others may have decided to teach themselves.
No matter how they learned, there’s evidence that playing music has several benefits.
The research shows students who participate in music education score better on several categories of their SAT tests than other students, especially in the subjects of math and English.
And don’t forget that students who participate in music education also have better social skills, according to the research. The study also shows that these students build upon their critical thinking and problem solving skills.
But as those students grow up and move on to a career and raising their own family, they may leave that part of their lives behind. This is where the Pearl River Community Band comes in.
It’s a group of locals and people living in surrounding communities interested in continuing the positive experience they had as a child while playing in a band.
Currently the group is short on members, so they are encouraging anyone with the ability to play an instrument to join. It certainly couldn’t hurt to be part of a band again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make some new friends.

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