Gifted program should be offered through all grade levels

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gifted programs provide students with a higher IQ a chance to obtain advanced instruction other children do not receive.
These programs are beneficial to our youngsters because they allow students who may become bored in class the opportunity to learn exciting things that would keep their attention.
When class instruction covers a topic on which the student is already versed, they tend not to pay attention, creating a situation where precious time is wasted.
In a gifted class, students learn about things on their level, making the best use of their school day.
Tuesday the Picayune School Board heard an update on their gifted program from two of the district’s gifted teachers.
The teachers explained that in order for a student to be considered for the program they must score a 120 or more on an IQ test.
It also brought to light that the program is only offered to students up to the sixth grade. At that point they move to the junior high where a scheduling conflict and limited funding prevents the program from continuing.
This creates an issue since they have spent grades first through six learning things that interested them, and were presented with curriculum on par with their intelligence.
Then, when they move to junior high, they cease to receive this additional instruction, possibly leading them to become dissatisfied with their time in school.
To have a gifted program that ends so soon before a student’s graduation from high school seems counterproductive.
If a child’s time in school is supposed to prepare them to be their best when they either move on to college or the workforce, then they should have every opportunity to grow not only physically, but most of all intellectually.

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