Picayune man carrying flag to Jackson

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2016

HONORING ANCESTORS: Victor Buckley of Picayune is carrying Mississippi’s state flag to Jackson.  Photo by Cassandra Favre

HONORING ANCESTORS: Victor Buckley of Picayune is carrying Mississippi’s state flag to Jackson.
Photo by Cassandra Favre

It’s 153 miles from Victor Buckley’s home in Picayune to Jackson and instead of driving he is traveling by foot up Interstate-59 carrying the Mississippi state flag.
He’s named it the Liberty Walk to Jackson and upon arrival, will give a speech on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol Building.
Until he reaches the state’s Capitol, Buckley has also taken a vow of silence. However, he agreed to write down his responses during an interview Wednesday conducted near the 39 mile marker on I-59 in Pearl River County.
While carrying the flag, motorists on the interstate honked their horns, said Bill Barrett, also of Picayune, who is driving a van behind Buckley.
“He’s preaching heritage, not hate,” Barrett said. “He means no disrespect to anyone. I want to make sure he does it. He’s my friend and I believe in him.”
Buckley wrote in his statement that people have to remember those who gave their lives for everyone’s liberty and freedom.
“Our flag of Mississippi is like no other,” he wrote. “It’s our banner of freedom and liberty and proves that we here in Mississippi are more than ready to defend our liberty, freedom, home, family and our constitutional God-given right to be free. We here in Mississippi love and honor our heritage and we will not forget our past nor our dead.”
He also referred to Winston Churchill’s quote, “A country that forgets its past has no future.”
In 2001, Mississippians voted to keep the state flag. However, a lawsuit demanding its removal has been filed against the state, Buckley wrote. The governor or anyone in power doesn’t have the right to remove it, only the people have that power, he added.
“Our liberties and freedoms are being taken away,” Buckley wrote. “We live in a free country, not a communist one. We need to fight to keep our God given rights. If we allow this to happen, what’s next? May we all come together as Mississippians and children of our father in heaven and live and let live. I thank God and everyone for their support.”
Buckley will walk day and night until he reaches Jackson, Barrett said. They left Picayune Monday and hope to reach the Capitol steps by Friday.

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