Don’t be vague

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 17, 2016

I have quite the varied selection of family and friends on my Facebook page.
At times, social media can become quite tiring, but I do enjoy seeing pictures of everyone’s children, reading a funny joke or laughing at the comments section under a news story.
The majority of friends on my list I classify as “normal” Facebook friend, there are those that fall into a different category.
These are the ones who describe every detail of their day. I find it hard to believe that people are interested in what time they go to bed or what they ate for breakfast.
There’s also the people who only post political rhetoric to entice a heated debate and those who only post jokes or links to false stories.
For the most part, Facebook is about getting attention. I’m guilty of it as well and sometimes fall prey to the dreaded selfie. I can’t explain this phenomenon to myself yet as I really don’t like having my picture taken.
Finally, there’s the friend that posts vague messages about a problem they’re having. No details are given just a message that may read “My life has become this one big I don’t know” or “They’ve all forgotten you.”
Posts such as these attract my attention, although I never respond on the post. I often like to post favorite quotes, which don’t necessarily have a meaning behind them, it’s just a quote I may agree with or want to share.
In my opinion, if you’re having a problem or feeling depressed you should probably pick up the phone and tell someone about your problem. Friends aren’t mind readers and would respond better to a phone call, which in my opinion, is the adult way to handle things.
Facebook is not a therapy session and as such should not be used to guilt people into feeling sorry for an unknown problem.
In my opinion, if someone has the courage to make a vague statement on Facebook, they can make a phone call instead.

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