Much to be thankful for after the storm

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wednesday, not only did I visit areas of Pearl River County for the first time, I also took pictures and interviewed people who experienced Tuesday’s severe weather.
As I walked through broken limbs, glass fragments and huge downed trees, I felt relief for these families.
They may have to rebuild and repurchase items, but they all survived, even their animals. That’s what each family I interviewed said they were most thankful for, their lives.
There were no tears, just a desire to clean up the mess the storm left behind. They were very positive about their situations.
The day after the severe weather, they were in their yards picking up debris.
One family spoke about the kindness of their neighbors during the storm’s immediate aftermath. They helped this family remove their horses from a dangerous situation.
Stories about people helping people warm my heart and make me glad to be covering events in this county, where I experience situations like this on an almost daily basis.
While this wasn’t exactly a “happy” story to write about, it did have a happy ending.
The fact there were no deaths reported in Pearl River County when about 20 homes were reported to have minor or major damage shows how lucky this county was.
There have been other areas hit in the South that didn’t fare as well as.
As a result of this severe weather, I met many people that I won’t forget. I would like to thank them for allowing me to take pictures of the damage done to their property.
I hope we all can take a moment and be thankful Tuesday’s severe weather did not damage our people or county as much as it could have.

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