More to the Second Amendment: Part two

Published 7:00 am Friday, February 5, 2016

I must take issue with your opinion piece in support of President Obamas push to unilaterally enact “common sense” gun control measures. Although I do have issue with the usurpation of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms there is more to the story than that.

With the prevalence of prescribing these mood stabilizers this will place most veterans, many professionals and even law enforcement officers on the same list as convicted felons and not be able to purchase a gun.

Now let’s apply this same logic to the First Amendment. With the potential for some journalists to inflame the populous creating an unsafe environment and possible riots all journalists, bloggers and anyone posting on social media must have a background check by the government. If found to be mentally ill under the same criteria as those banned from owning a firearm shall be reported and banned from posting anything in a public forum. Now how many freedom of speech advocates would be threatening to burn the town down!

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As for media, of all types, presenting the news in favor of one group or cause over the other, my opinion is that it should be presented in a way that represents the local population. In this way the local culture and intentions are presented for others to see. Granted, dissenting views should be presented to highlight alternative understanding, but as has become the rule and not the exception is that most of the dissent is actually the prevailing view of the residents.

Well sir, as a member of the thus far silent majority I say enough! I call on others who have the same opinion to stand up, speak out, and demand our voice is heard and that WE demand honest reporting in alignment with our principals and culture. If the Item, or any other source of news, fails to provide this then we owe it to ourself and our descendants to change it by selecting alternative sources for our news. This is not censorship or contrary to the freedom of speech as it is not the government saying this, it is We the People.

Benjie R. Wells