Keep up the good work scouts

Published 7:00 am Friday, February 26, 2016

Wednesday evening I picked up something wonderful, my Girl Scout cookie order.
Not only did I get to pick up the delicious package, I got to visit with my former preschool student and her family. Her father happens to be my former editor at the Sea Coast Echo, the man I am most grateful to for taking a chance on me, as a first-time reporter.
But I digress. It’s always a pleasure when I get to see my little students and I’m so proud of her desire to be a Girl Scout.
Friday, I was reminded of my scouting days when I attended Boy Scouts of America Troop 2’s fundraiser in Picayune.
I was reminded of the many lessons I learned during my 11 years as a Girl Scout. Not only did I get to spend loads of time with my friends, I got to attend camp and learned the importance of volunteering in one’s community.
Teamwork was another valuable lesson I picked up. And I can still remember the lyrics to our camp song, “The Princess Pat.”
All of the scouts I met Friday were well-mannered and attentive to the needs of their guests.
They are also very excited about their upcoming trip to Philmont Scout Ranch.
I’m positive they will learn many other useful lessons that they will carry with them into adulthood, just as I have.
However, I must acknowledge the hard work of the parents and scout leaders of the young men and women I met that evening.
The scouts I encountered are some of the most respectful young adults I have met in a long time.
This gives me hope for not only the future of this county, but the country as well.
I hope they all took heed of Apollo 13 Fred Haise’s words of wisdom. He spoke of the great influence the scouts had on his life and future career.
Keep up the good work Troop 2 and you just may make it to the Moon someday.

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