Having a safe route to school

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 11, 2016

Work is being done to provide children in Picayune a safe route in which to walk to school at West Side Elementary.
Currently, there are no sidewalks along Sixth Avenue, but crews are out now working to construct them.
This means that previous to this work, children who attend West Side Elementary, but lived down Sixth Avenue, walked along a busy road dangerously close to oncoming traffic.
For the most part, Picayune drivers are mindful of children, and other pedestrians. But accidents can and have happened, so it’s good the city was able to secure a grant to have the sidewalks constructed.
Providing a safe place for the children to walk is not the end of the matter though. Here are some other tips that can help your children arrive at class, and back home, safely.
Children should walk with a group, if possible, because a group is easier for motorists to see.
While walking along the street, and along sidewalks, avoid horseplay. Pushing, running and shoving can end badly if a motorist is not paying attention.
Pedestrians of all ages should be mindful of the traffic. By keeping an eye on the traffic, children and adults can be forewarned if a distracted driver is heading their way.
Before crossing the street don’t just look both ways, look behind and in front of you as well. You may see something coming that is not from the left or right that could pose a danger.
Wait to cross the street until it can be accomplished by walking rather than running. This will prevent children from tripping while crossing the street and falling into a dangerous situation.
If at all possible, wear bright colored clothing to make yourself more visible to drivers.
Additionally, obey crossing guards. They are there for the safety of pedestrians.

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