Doing what is best for constituents and city

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 4, 2016

When people are elected to a governmental position, they take on many responsibilities.
One responsibility requires them to be good stewards of the taxpayer’s dollars.
Tuesday, the Poplarville Board of Aldermen heard about one option to save money on energy costs.
Chris Kimball, the owner of Energy Savers, talked about the benefits of switching from UV to LED bulbs, which could potentially save the city almost 80 percent on its power bill.
LEDs do not emit as much heat, which means bugs are not attracted to them.
The use of LEDs may reduce the risk of mercury poisoning and maladies caused by the use of fluorescent lights.
The life expectancy of some LEDs is almost 18 years, said to be meaning a potential savings to the city from purchasing bulbs over and over again.
We are glad to see Poplarville exploring this option.
The more money saved, the more amenities they can establish for the residents and visitors of Poplarville.
This could entail more playground equipment for children and more opportunity to attract businesses and families to the city.
As taxpayers, we often wonder when and where we will see the benefits.
They can be seen at City Park, where the lights illuminate the area and the maintenance of playground equipment by hard working city employees.
Crews can also be seen throughout this county working diligently on filling potholes and taking care of other hazardous road conditions.
While some will disagree on how city leaders should spend their tax dollars, they must consider the good that is also being done.
Sometimes things don’t happen in the time frame or manner in which some citizens desire, but we still have to have faith in the city leaders we elect to do the best they can to serve our collective interests.

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