Citizens must stand up to gov’t leaders

Published 7:00 am Friday, February 26, 2016

For decades both houses of congress and both parties have used the Supreme Court’s dishonest interpretation, which expanded the powers of the Constitution’s Commerce and Welfare clauses, to turn America into a socialist nightmare.
The abuse of these two clauses by Congress has caused endless unnecessary wars for profit that have taken a tremendous toll in blood and wealth from our Republic, debt in the trillions, a bankrupt America, an unsustainable welfare system (corporate and individual), and health care reform that will finish off the middle class. With the aid of the governors and state legislatures, the beast has amassed enough power to take complete control and destroy our state and local sovereignty.
This take over was accomplished by deceit, fear, bribes, intimidation, power and most importantly control of the mainstream media. It made our governors and state and local legislators uninformed of the fact that the Federal Supreme Court has taken powers to interpret the Constitution not delegated to it but rightfully belong to the states.
This lack of knowledge has made it easy for the socialist in congress to advance and force any unconstitutional legislation they desire on the people. The most destructive and dangerous constitutional fairy tale is: the founders granted the Supreme Court the power to interpret the Constitution regarding the enumerated powers delegated (not surrendered) by the states in the Constitution. Federal courts are not the final arbitrator of the Constitution. The Constitution is a compact between the several states, and the federal government is not a party, but the result of that compact. Only the individual states, as the exclusive parties to the compact between themselves, possess that power.
If we care about saving the America we knew, forget about Washington, it’s a cesspool of corruption inhabited by greedy politicians, bureaucrats, immoral lawyers and a lapdog media. It’s hopeless to believe the Republicans or the Democrats will save America. They are two wings of the same “vultures” circling above America waiting for her last breath so they can swoop down and feed on her decaying carcass. It doesn’t matter which party controls the White House or Congress, our situation continues to worsen.
This is our country and we better fight for it because our children and grand children have no future if we don’t convince our state legislatures and Congress to return to constitutional government. The citizens of the states must bring pressure on their state legislatures to reclaim their authority and find the backbone to stand up to the feds and return the agent they created to the restraints imposed in the Constitution.
Unfortunately, local and state legislators and governors have forgotten that it is their duty and responsibility to protect the liberties and freedoms of their citizens. They would rather hide behind the convenient lie that the feds are supreme over the states and are the final authority of the Constitution. In doing so, they have allowed the federal government to trample the U.S. Constitution, their own state constitutions and the citizens.

By Jeff Smith

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