Voting day nears, register to vote now

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 8, 2016

As of today, there are only two more months left before Mississippi voters return to the polls.
This time around, voters will choose, among other positions, their favorite presidential candidate for the November election.
If you haven’t noticed by now, this year’s presidential race should be exciting, especially within the Republican Party.
While we are certain that much of the crowded Republican field will be thinned come March 8—there are numerous primaries across the US prior to Mississippi’s that will ensure this—it’s impossible now to foresee which candidates will still be up for consideration.
This is why it’s important would-be voters go now to the circuit clerk’s office and register to vote.
In order to qualify to vote, residents in the state of Mississippi must register 30 days prior to the election, which means that residents have only one more month to fill out a registration form.
The process is free, it’s painless and only requires a valid ID; almost any sort of ID will do. Also, the state will provide free voter ID cards, if a would-be voter has no other valid ID.
Besides the presidential race, the Secretary of State’s website reminds us that this year we will also elect congressmen, state supreme court justices, election commissioners, school board members and court of appeals justices. In addition, residents in levee districts will also elect levee board commissioners.
Perhaps none of these other elections will be as flashy as the various campaigns for president. However, these elections matter as they determine how our federal dollars will be spent, how our children will be educated and who will mete out justice in our state.
In short, we will be electing the men and women who will make decision that affect our everyday lives.
To find out more about the voter registration process or to download a registration form, visit the state’s voter information website, .

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