Feel better in the New Year

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 1, 2016

James Denney and I have had the privilege of providing health care for the people of Picayune for over 20 years. We have the most wonderful patients in the world and consider them to be our friends as well as our patients. Many of them suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain and weight management difficulties. In medicine we have learned in the last few years that adipose (fat) cells produce bad substances called cytokines that raise blood pressure, raise cholesterol, increase appetite, and make patients more resistant to insulin. Cytokines make people feel tired, gain weight, and have trouble sleeping. Due to cytokines, control of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure is typically temporary. Every few years, medicines must be increased or new ones added to maintain control. Our patients end up spending more and more money on prescription medications, which means they have less and less money for other things they need. It has always seemed like there should be a better option.
Medical nutrition therapy is the option that patients can choose that helps to shut down cytokines, reverse illnesses, and decrease the amount of medicine they are taking. Medicare covers “intensive behavioral therapy” for obesity without copay or deductible. Patients with private insurance should check with their insurance company about their coverage but there are always available options. This intensive therapy offers our patients and other interested members of our community an opportunity to be trained to eat correctly according to a diet called “The Prescript Fit Program.” This program can teach patients how to take control of their illnesses. It provides regular accountability for eating choices and exercising. The diet starts with a protein powder, which includes amino acid supplements (the building blocks of protein). These can be eaten as shakes, puddings, or soups and are to be maintained indefinitely. Additional food groups are added at regular intervals starting with the healthiest. Portions are not limited. Once all the healthy foods are added, splurge meals twice a week are allowed. The other 19 meals per week all come from the healthy food groups and the amino acid supplements as mentioned above. Participants record exercise and whether a splurge meal is used on a planner.
It is our sincere hope that the health of Picayune will improve with medical nutrition therapy, and that patients will take less medicines and feel better. Medical nutrition therapy requires stopping and or adjusting blood pressure and diabetic medicines pretty quickly in most situations. Patients with those illnesses and a few others must either schedule an appointment to see us first, or consult with their own health care provider prior to beginning the program.
If you are interested in feeling better, gaining better control of your health and losing weight, the program is starting this January 2016. More information is available at 601-798-5281.

Delora A. Denney, MD
James L. Denney, FNP

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