Educating youth needs to be a state priority

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last week, we reported on the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents’ proposed agenda for the 2016 legislative session.
This press conference marked the first time MASS announced their intentions to the public.
Poplarville superintendent Carl Merritt is currently serving as vice-president of the group and said last week the group wanted everyone who’s responsible for educating children to know the group’s intentions.
Their priorities include increasing student achievement, providing quality teachers and administration in each district, improving infrastructures and securing funding.
MASS will bring this group of prerogatives to policymakers in hopes of improving education.
We support the efforts of MASS and hope that our state policymakers will listen to the educators who are responsible for developing the minds of our children.
More often than not, Mississippi ranks last in the nation when it comes to educational performance.
The majority of these rankings are based on test scores, which are not always a true indicator of the educational values being taught in the classroom on a daily basis.
We have the distinct pleasure of witnessing these practices in the schools throughout Pearl River County.
Last weekend’s lifestyle story was about fifth graders at Southside Upper Elementary who spent part of their day cutting out jeans, which will be used to make shoes for children in Uganda.
The students at Southside are also learning how to help people and, from their responses, are already reaping the benefits that come when we help others.
There’s so much more to education than taking a test. While it’s important to learn English, history and science; it’s also just as vital for students to learn how to be productive members of society and learn how to give back to their communities.
We hope that MASS is successful with their ventures and encourage all of our educators in Pearl River County to keep up the good work.

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