City council votes to fix, take over county sirens at Picayune schools

Published 8:29 am Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jesse Wright | Picayune Item Coming soon: The former home of Picayune Smiles will be a veterinary clinic, thanks to the city’s approval.

Jesse Wright | Picayune Item
Coming soon: The former home of Picayune Smiles will be a veterinary clinic, thanks to the city’s approval.

The Picayune City Council met for a regular meeting Tuesday. The meeting was quick and lively, with a bit of seasonal fun thrown in at the end.

At the top of the meeting, former Justice Court Judge Yvonne Sherrer was honored on her 100th birthday. She did not attend the meeting, but her son accepted a commendation in her honor.

After that, the council approved the consent agenda, a telecommunications agreement between CSpire and the city and the council voted to advertise for a land sale.

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Christy Goss, the city’s grant administrator, submitted a request for her own travel to an expo in Illinois in January, which was approved. She also presented a number of Community Development Block Grant details, all having to do with public facility repairs.

Diane Miller, the city’s planning and zoning director, presented a recommendation from the Planning Commission to approve a request from David Watts to open a vet clinic at 201 Kirkwood St. The property is across from Crosby Commons, and is the former home of Picayune Smiles. The request was unanimously accepted.

City Engineer Brooks Wallace’s request for the council for an engineering contract for the city’s water improvement project was approved. He also asked the council to approve an application for airport funds to conduct improvements.

Assistant Fire Chief John Mark Mitchell’s request for travel on behalf of Fire Chief Keith Brown was approved. Mitchell also requested the city accept a transfer of ownership for five outdoor warning sirens from the county. The sirens are currently located at or near five city schools to alert the schools as to tornadoes or other dangerous weather. However, the county stopped maintaining them some time ago, so some may not work.

City Manager Jim Luke explained some of the background of the transfer.

“You know, some of them were inoperable. The county wasn’t maintaining them anymore and they wanted to get out of that business, and we thought it was essential for the safety and security of our children … so we asked the county, since they weren’t going to operate them, if we could as the city, and it would be minimal costs to be operational,” he said.

The council agreed, and approved the transfer. As part of the deal, the sirens will be repaired.

And finally, in a bit of seasonal fun, Councilor Tammy Valente announced she had found elf names for all the council members and Luke. She said she got the names from an elf-name generator online.

She began with Councilwoman Janice Miller Stevens, whose elf name is “Cranberry Iciclepears.” Besides the name, Valente read out a brief description of each elf personality and, of Iciclepears, Valente said, “She mothers other elves and … she makes toy bath ducks and windup frogs for the children.”

Councilman Larry Breland’s elf name is “Nougat Greenfur,” who, “… is a deep thinker, a mysterious elf who goes off alone to invent things.” Among his skills is toffee making.

Mayor Ed Pinero is “Rustic Gingerfluff,” who is good with a sword. Valente said Gingerfluff wears a red tunic the color of spices and “he makes slightly scary toy clowns and monkeys for all the good children.”

Luke is “Chutney Suzywine,” and “He loves to be in charge of the other elves and tell them what to do. He wears a fluffy jacket with kitten ears,” Valente said. She added that his skill is making puzzles.

Councilwoman Lynn Bumpers is “Pom Pom Cuddlepears,” who also mothers elves. “She wears a fluffy jacket with rabbit ears and makes scooters and bikes,” said Valente.

Councilman Wayne Gouguet is “Truffle Snaps.” “Mischievous elf who always gets in trouble by playing tricks,” Valente said of Snaps. “He wears a chocolate colored jacket … and he makes talking teddy bears for all the good children.”

Finally, Pinero read out Valente’s elf doppelganger, “Pom Pom Jinglebaubles.”

“She is very creative, and has a sharp eye for art and loves to decorate the grotto,” Pinero said. “She makes magical scooters and bikes for all the good little children.”

The next meeting will be Jan. 5, 2016 at 5 p.m. at City Hall.