A delicious twist on an old favorite

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 4, 2015

Perhaps one of the meals I enjoy most is a freshly grilled hamburger loaded with almost all the trimmings. Pickles and extra onions, hold the tomatoes. (My husband is not a fan of my extreme love for onions.)
While they’re cooking or rather, while I watch my husband cook the patties, the sound of sizzling beef is a welcome sound to my ears and watching the cheese slowly melt is almost intoxicating.
My newfound love for the delicacy has been heightened recently because my husband and I have been trying to eat better and save the so-called “bad” foods for special occasions or the weekends.
Sunday, after I subjected my somewhat patient husband to Christmas shopping, we dined at a new restaurant in Louisiana.
As I browsed the menu, my eye caught a colorful photograph depicting a hamburger with a fried egg on top.
Having never tried this before, I immediately ordered the entrée.
I was not disappointed. The egg was prepared over easy, and after taking the first bite, yolk dripped all over the hamburger, creating a savory treat for my taste buds.
I informed my husband I would require eggs on my home cooked hamburgers from time to time. I don’t regret for one minute my decision to marry a chef.
There’s a restaurant in Picayune I want to try. Their menu includes a hamburger topped with peanut butter, which sounds delicious. I’m a big fan of one of Elvis’ favorite snacks, a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.
I’m an advocate of trying new foods and I recommend we all take a trip outside of our comfort zones once in a while to experience something new, whether it be culinary related or a new direction in life.

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