Hunting popular family tradition

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Scotty Davis, owner of Davis Sports and Outdoors, treasures being able to hunt with his family over the holidays.

“My whole family spends a lot of family time around the Thanksgiving holiday and we hunt. We used to hunt out in Wiggins when I was growing up but now we also hunt near Poplarville. My children, my father, my brothers and a bunch of my friends all get together,” Davis said.

Davis likes hunting in the Poplarville area because there are more hardwood trees as opposed to pine trees; he says the visibility is much better with hardwood trees.

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Also, the acorns on the hardwood tress attract the deer.

“We all use different guns, mostly all rifles, different calibers different brands. We hunt deer and turkey and do a little rabbit hunting. Turkey season is in the spring, so we can’t hunt our own Thanksgiving turkey. So you have to pretty much go to Winn Dixie to buy your bird,” Davis said.

Hunting with his family is something Davis said he truly enjoys.

“It’s pretty special, I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad, and as I grew up and have kids, it’s pretty awesome to see your kids have their first deer and their first turkey which I got to see my sons Scotty Davis, Jr. and Matthew Davis 14. Also, my girlfriend’s son, Connor Howard, is from the city and it was cool to see him shoot his first rabbit,” Davis said. “It was unbelievable to experience that with all them. And recently I introduced my sister to archery so that was cool.”

Davis stressed how important proper safety precautions are when hunting.

He said tree stand safety is important and to make sure to have a harness when hunters are in a tree stand.

“I recommend everyone to always take some type of hunter’s education because you can always learn something. Always know what’s behind your target. You should always wear your hunters’ orange so people know that you’re hunting. I still like to wear some orange even if I’m bow hunting. If you’re gun hunting, you need to have 50 percent of your body covered in hunter’s orange,” Davis said.