FINAL TALLY: Final county numbers from Tuesday’s voting

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 5, 2015

RIGHT TO VOTE: Pictured, signs lead the way to a polling location at Chimney Square. Photo by Ashley Collins.

RIGHT TO VOTE: Pictured, signs lead the way to a polling location at Chimney Square. Photo by Ashley Collins.


Pearl River County Circuit Clerk Vickie Hariel said Election Day went smoothly across the county.

Countywide, 422 absentee ballots were cast, though a few of those ballots weren’t accepted because registered voters didn’t sign the envelope properly, Hariel said.

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Countywide, there were 67 affidavit ballots. Voters have until Tuesday at 5 p.m. to certify those ballots.

Hariel said the only issue reported to her during the general election was voter confusion over Initiative Measure No. 42 ballot.

“Poll workers reported that some voters were confused about Initiative No. 42, especially because there were two parts for it on the ballot,” Hariel said.

Statewide, Initiative Measure No. 42 didn’t pass, although it was close. There were 349,347 votes cast against changing the constitution while 322,075 votes approved changing the constitution. Individually, Initiative Measure No. 42 received 313,547 votes followed by 220,894 votes for the Alternative Measure No. 42A, according to the Associated Press.

In Pearl River County, Nance Fitzpatrick Stokes (R) led the ticket for circuit clerk with 6,860 votes, beating Jeff Brady (D), who received 1,785 votes. For coroner, incumbent Derek Turnage (R) led with 6,950 votes while David Brumfield (D) received 1,711 votes. For tax collector/assessor, incumbent Gary Beech (R) surpassed his competition with 6,828 votes, beating Shirley J. Walker Ceaser (D), who received 1,836 votes.

For supervisor district I, Donald Hart (D) received 889 votes while Russell Foster (R) received 542 votes. In the race for district IV supervisor, Farron Moeller (R) led with 1,230 votes while Frank N. Egger (I) received 148 votes. For district V supervisor, incumbent Sandy Kane Smith (R) led the ticket with 1,465 votes, surpassing Michael ‘Mike’ Thigpen (D), who received 377 votes. In the race for election commissioner district V, Michelle Vogt received 933 votes while Edward D. Hawkins received 676 votes.

Among the 34,838 registered voters in the county, around 25 percent voted in this election.

Across the state, Phil Bryant (R) led the ticket for governor with 472,197 votes, beating out Robert Gray (D), who received 227,400 votes and Shawn O’ Hara (Reform) with 9,835 votes. In the race for lieutenant governor, incumbent Tate Reeves (R) led the ticket with 426,119 votes followed by Tim Johnson (D) with 251,045 votes, Ron Williams (L) with 16,065 votes and Rosa B. Williams (Reform) with 9,318 votes, according to Associated Press coverage.

Incumbent Delbert Hosemann (R) led the ticket for secretary of state with 433,288 votes followed by Charles E. Graham (D) with 248,481 votes and Randy Walker (Reform) with 20,886 votes. For attorney general, incumbent Jim Hood (D) led the ticket with 389,105 votes, beating Mike Hurst (R), who received 317,748 votes. For state auditor, incumbent Stacey E. Pickering (R) led the ticket with 449,405 votes followed by Jocelyn ‘Joce’ Pepper Pritchett (D) with 240,596 votes and Lajena Walley (Reform) with 9,899 votes, according to AP content.

In the race for state treasurer, incumbent Lynn Fitch (R) led with 505,452 votes followed by Viola V. McFarland (Reform) with 132,602 votes. For commissioner of agriculture and commerce, Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) received 410,530 votes followed by Addie Lee Green (D) with 244,051 votes and Cathy L. Toole (Reform) with 13,998 votes. For public service commissioner southern district,Samuel F. ‘Sam’ Britton (R) received 140,115 votes followed by Tom Blanton (D) with 86,168 votes and Lonny Kenneth Spence (Reform) with 4,803 votes, the AP reported.

In the race for transportation commissioner southern district, incumbent Tom King (R) received 153,594 votes followed by Chad Toney (D) with 71,139 votes and Sheranda Atkinson (Reform) with 6,064 votes. In the race for state senate district 47, Joseph M. ‘Mike’ Seymour (R) received 5,625 votes followed by Jimmy L. ‘Bo’ Alawine (D) with 1,469 votes. For state house district 93, Timmy Ladner (R) received 1,908 votes while Billy Joe Ladner (D) received 541 votes. For state house district 108, incumbent Mark S. Formby (R) led the ticket with 3,044 votes followed by Leavern Guy (D) with 893 votes, according to AP content.

The following races were uncontested: Melinda Smith Bowman (R) for chancery clerk; incumbent Aaron L. Russell Jr. (R) for prosecuting attorney; incumbent David Allison (R) for sheriff; incumbent Alan Lumpkin (R) for superintendent of the Pearl River County School District; incumbent Malcolm Perry (R) for district II supervisor; Hudson Holliday (R) for district III supervisor; incumbent Danny Joe Slade for north constable; incumbent James Hal Breland (R) for justice court judge north district; Donald D. Fail (R) for justice court judge east district; incumbent Ray Merle Bennett (R) for constable south east district; Jason Hunt (R) for constable south west district; John Mark Mitchell (R) for justice court judge south west district; Elaine R. Voss (NP) for school board member district V; incumbent Mike Chaney (R) for commissioner of insurance; C. ‘Buddy’ McDonald (NP) for circuit court judge, district 15 place 3; incumbent Hal Kittrell (R) for District 15 attorney; incumbent Angela Burks Hill (R) for state senate district 40; incumbent John A. Polk (R) for state senate district 44; and incumbent Herb Frierson (R) for state house district 106.